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It is a tremendous honor to serve YOU on Houston City Council!

It is a tremendous honor to serve Houston on City Council, and I strive every day to make you proud!  The 2015 election is just around the corner, and I hope that I can count on your support.
I always look for simple, logical fixes to complex issues facing Houston.  I have worked with the Human Resources Department Director to change the city’s approach to healthcare from a disease management system to a wellness promotion system.  The work we have done on this issue alone has taken the Health Benefits Fund Balance from being $18 million in the red to $43 million in the black.  With your help, I will continue to look for ways to bring similar remedies to other issues facing Houston.
Pensions, Permits, and Potholes. To me these are some of the most important issues facing our city.  Solving the pension crisis is crucial to the future fiscal health of our City and her ability to function.  I have attended countless meetings and promoted solutions to break deadlocked negotiations.  The permitting process continues to stifle our businesses and needs to be further streamlined.  As Vice-Chairman of Council's Transportation, Technology, and Infrastructure Committee, I continue to push for better customer service and increased efficiency.  Our crumbling streets need to be more effectively maintained as our city continues to grow dramatically.  You may have even seen me join a city work crew filling our countless potholes.  I am currently working to find the right solutions to these issues which threaten the vitality and productivity of our great city.
I hope I have again earned your support and you will do me the honor of adding your name to my host committee.  I believe that government works FOR her citizens.  I will continue to work FOR you and every Houstonian to ensure the health of Houston for a vibrant future to come. 

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